Greetings and salutations!

02/03/23 - Due to TeamSpeak project being partly dead, I've decided to use Discord
10/25/21 - Migrated VM hosts to .DE with better gear
02/08/20 - Migrated monitoring to CheckMK, as I fell in love with it during DevOps stuff /jakob
03/13/19 - Fileshare and Pastebin added to the list /jakob
01/10/19 - Servers are now IPv6 ready /jakob
01/04/19 - New website /jakob
12/25/18 - Merry Christmas and a happy new year ;-) /jakob
06/02/18 - Servers are now in Amsterdam and Paris. All stuff moved to better gear /jakob
01/02/18 - Happy New Year! HTTP/2, HPKP, CSP, HSTS, X-XSS, and other security options added /jakob
12/31/17 - DNSSEC implemented on domain & DNS resolver. /jakob
11/09/16 - ownCloud implemented. Enjoy! /jakob
10/16/16 - Scheduled maintenence 10/18/16 @ 01:00 AM CEST due to security updates. Downtime: ~30 minutes for all applications/VM's. /jakob
08/19/16 - Squid3 with filtering and Secure DNS implemented. Clients should automatically grab settings thru Web Proxy Auto-Discovery. /jakob
08/13/16 - Maintenence is over, and the stuff is implemented. No downtime was needed. /jakob
08/12/16 - Currently playing with virtual firewalls. pfSense and IDS/IDP & Snort/Barnyard2 to be more specific. Server is loadbalanced, so it should minimize downtime during maintenence. /jakob

About me and Tvipper.com

About me and Tvipper.com

My name is Jakob, and I'm a 37 years old curious geek from the heart of Denmark, Viborg. I work as a DevOps Engineer. Tvipper.com is my personal website/virtual playground hosted on my own server hardware and fiber line. The name - Tvipper - comes from "the mash-up" TV over IP/TVoIP, when the fascination with streaming began.

I love to dig into new server/application technologies of all kind, and the website was the sum of puzzling with Apache and Nginx back in time when I started to gain some Linux experience. The site is currently a non-profit place with various links and hosted applications for pre-chosen users - and myself. I've worked and played (both personal and professional) with the following technologies for many years. Some of it for more than a decade.

Feel free to text or e-mail me if you have any requests or questions! Jakob Munch Overgaard jmo[@]tvipper.com (+45) 53 60 12 20


  • Server and applications:
  • Windows 2003, 2008R2, 2012R2, 2016, 2019, Linux (Ubuntu/Debian & CentOS/RHEL/Rocky)
  • Apache2/Nginx/Varnish cache, IIS, Postfix, Dovecot, MySQL, MSSQL, SSL/TLS and Linux scripting
  • ISIM IAM, ELK stack and SIEM
  • Puppet, Ansible and Rudder
  • Docker
  • BackTrack/Kali-distro for penetration testing
  • Office & Creative Suite
  • Hyper-V & VMware and Proxmox
  • HP Proliant/IBM/Dell-servers
  • Network and office:
  • Domain controller, Citrix, router, switch, QoS, subnetting, FTP, DPI firewall, UTM, proxy, encryption, security, NAS, SAN, VPN, websites, mediastreamers, cloud backup, WiFi tweaking and RADIUS securing, etc.
  • Monitoring/surveillance with SCOM, Zabbix, CheckMK, Nagios, Cacti and Monit
  • Fiber optics, coax and PSTN
  • Remote support for endusers
  • The creative side
  • Branding
  • Web production
  • PR and advertisement
  • Photography
  • Banners, flyers, books, magazines, etc.
  • HP Proliant/IBM/Dell-servers


Currently implemented services:

  • Cloud backup* with ownCloud/urbackup
  • Cloud firewall* with pfSense/OPNsense (IDP and antivirus optional)
  • FTP-site* with superfast transfer speed
  • Gameservers with low, jitterfree ping; CS:GO, ARK, Rust, MineCraft, etc.
  • IPsec/OpenVPN* and SSH tunneling*
  • IRC bouncer* with ZNC
  • Mailserver* and Roundcube webmail thru Postfix, Dovecot with integrated spamfilter, antivirus and DKIM-signing
  • Media streaming* with Plex
  • CheckMK-monitoring* for remote servers. Alerts for Pushover included
  • Rsync backup*
  • Squid proxy* with Secure DNS
  • VoIP/voice applications like TeamSpeak3, Mumble and Ventrilo
  • VPS* - Ubuntu 22.04LTS, RockyLinux9 or Windows (needs license)
  • Website hosting with loadbalancing powered by Nginx, Apache2, Varnish, PhpMyAdmin and MySQL
  • + Much much more! Contact me for requests.

    * Needs password, generated key or firewall opening. Illegal file sharing is prohibited and will be intercepted.

    Contact Me

    Viborg, Denmark

    Phone: +45 53601220

    Email: jmo[@]tvipper.com

    Plex status: